Homeopathy v.s. Conventional Medicine

You might ask, how does the concept of homeopathy differ from that of conventional medicine? Let us say that in common medicine, it attempts to take away the symptoms to prevent the disease whereas homeopathy attempts to stimulate the body to recover itself. To begin with, let us imagine that any symptom, no matter how uncomfortable and unpleasing it is, is the representation of the body’s attempt to restore itself to health.

Traditional medicine lets us interpret symptoms as something that is wrong with the body that must be set right; in homeopathy, they are signs of the way our body is attempting to heal itself. So instead of attempting to stop the cough with suppressants as the conventional way of medicine, a homeopath will register an herbal medicine that causes a cough in a healthy person, thus stimulating the body to try to restore itself.

Homeopathy v.s. Conventional Medicine

Treating the totality of the symptoms

Another unique aspect of homeopathy is the way they treat the totality of the symptoms that is observed. Every individual experiences a cough in its own unique way and conventional medicine treats them as if they were all alike, registering a series of suppressive drugs to the patient—a cough suppressant, something to dry the mucus, etc.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, looks for a single substance that will cause those symptoms to a healthy person. A cough characterized by being worse when breathing cold air and sounding like a deep bark, will be given a quite different remedy as compared to a person who suffers cough differently in other situations. All in all, both are characterized as coughs but they are different illnesses in the individual therefore must be administered in different homeopathic approaches.

A healthy person is a person who is free of negatives on all levels

Health is seen simply as the absence of disease; this is the conventional way of medical thinking. A person is healthy if there’s nothing wrong with his body. In homeopathy though, a healthy person is a person who is free of negatives on all levels—physicality, emotional and mental stability.

So it is likely to say that a person who cannot walk is physically ill but on a more subtle level, a person who cannot sleep at night is equally guilty of illness. Homeopathy recognizes the person’s limitations and attempts to restore that person to health, through the use of the properly selected herbal medicines.

Form of therapy

The most important and most basic difference of this principle of medicine is the form of therapy. Conventional medicine aims to control the illness through the regular use of medical substances and compounds; if the prescription is not attained though, the person would likely to return to its ill state and there is a great amount of possibility that he won’t be cured at all. Homeopathy on the other hand, aims to “cure” or to completely restore the body to perfect health.

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